Monday, March 31, 2014

Reflecting on Reflecting

Slice of Life is sponsored on Tuesdays by Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are posting a slice each day on our blog. Join in! 

Writing a blog entry every day for a month was about as hard as I expected it to be.

While I have been writing a book review blog for my students for a couple of years, that isn’t the same as trying to find something new every day to reflect on for 31 days straight. Books are easy to talk about. I’m not putting myself out there in the same way that I am on this blog. Writing knowing that mostly only students I know are going to read the posts is different than writing knowing that countless people I've never met in person might read what I’m writing.

Finding a new take on an old problem, or a new insight into something tried and true, or something I think it worth talking about in print has been a challenge. Some posts came easier than others. When I’m talking about my students, the blog posts write themselves. Successes are always easy to articulate. Struggles are often hard to admit to and take some care to explain.

This blog challenge got me writing more reflectively, kept me writing, and gave me a new perspective on what it must be like to be a student faced with the task of writing for assignments that we give them. My struggle to find the right words mirror what I imagine their struggle must be. I have gained a new understanding of how to help them be find their words and put themselves out there, even if it is just for me to read.

The blogging challenge has also exposed me to so many new blogs and so many new ideas through the other challenge participants. It was hard to read every post I wanted to read. And I haven’t been brave enough to foray into commenting yet, so that is my next challenge. I want my students next year to learn to comment on each other’s blogs, so I need to learn how to do it myself so I can guide them effectively.
I intend to keep blogging, both here and on my book blog. I can’t keep up with blogging every day, but my goal is once or twice a week, including Slice of Life Tuesdays. It will make me a better writer, a better instructional coach, and a better teacher to reflect this way. It already has.

I would like to thank the Two Writing Teachers for posing this challenge to us. It was time well-spent, and I enjoyed the challenge.

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  1. I'm glad you took part in our month-long challenge. Please come back on Tuesdays and write with us year-round!